Energy Coat (5 Gallons)


Energy Coat (5 Gallons)

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INSULADD Energy Coat (e-coat)
Insulating Elastomeric Wall and Roof Coating
What is Insuladd E-Coat?Insuladd e-coat is an elastomeric, energy saving, flexible 100% water based acrylic coating. When applied as directed, this product bridges minor surface imperfections, protects against driving rain, provides out-standing durability, and offers long lasting protection, as well as offering energy saving in both cold and hot climates.Key Features

  • Saves 20% or more on energy expenses by reducing heating and cooling demands.
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Resistant to atmospheric pollution
  • Stable over a wide range of temperature variations
  • Non-toxic & environmentally friendly
  • Remains intact on flexible surfaces
  • Excellent crack bridging
  • Exceptional film durability
  • Resistant to UV degradation
  • Bonds well to a wide range of surfaces
  • Gloss retention & Mildew resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Rapid drying for quick re-coating
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water

About Insuladd e-coat

Insuladd™ e-coat utilizes the very latest in ceramic micro-spheres similar to that used by NASA for use on the space shuttle tiles.

This technology has now been adopted for use in the domestic and industrial environment. Research and development has lead to the production of a light elastomeric liquid solution, which is not only easy to apply to most structures but also capable of reducing the solar loading of very large surfaces in extreme sunlight. In fact Insuladd e-coat has been shown to reduce heat gain from the sun by up to 40%.

Applications of Insuladd e-coat Waterproofing and thermal insulation to new and existing roofs, sidings, and other surfaces on a wide range of substrates such as;

  • Precast and in-situ concrete
  • Smooth masonry
  • Plaster and smooth stucco
  • Fiber-cement and GRC panels
  • Sprayed PU foam
  • Bituminous sheeting and coatings
  • Galvanized steel and alum sheeting
  • Fiberglass and plastic water tanks
  • Most previously painted surfaces


Above: “Insuladd applied to metal roofs on warehouses. Insuladd is used on the exterior surfaces to block the heat of the sun”

Scientifically Tested and Proven by:

Geoscience Ltd – world’s leading laboratory specializing in the measurement of thermal insulation, mechanical and fluid properties. Geoscience have been approved by NASA, International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO).

Center for Energy-Saving Research
School of Architecture
Huanan University of Science and Technology
Guangzhou, Guangdong, CHINA

U.S. Army - Climatic Testing Branch, Environmental Test Division – Redstone Technical Test Center: MIL – STD-810 Solar Radiation Test

Tech Traders Inc. - 2 year Energy Consumption Survey

Japanese National Railroad - Municipal Government of Tokyo, Japan

National Museum of Korea - Korea Institute of Construction.

Mirak Cold Storage Co Ltd

PolyN - Plastics company, United Kingdom

Department of Defense - South Korea

US Department of Defense RTP #52802726

Pratt & Whitney Aerospace - propulsion laboratories

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is the qualifying testing facility for E-Coats Energy Star ratin

How Insuladd e-coat works.

Insuladd insulating coatings contain in part, ceramic micro-spheres of 30–100 microns in diameter which are coated with our patented thermally reflective

Insuladd acts as highly efficient heat reflecting thermal barriers , so that when the coating dries, they form an efficient barrier against heat transfer.

Advantages over current roof coatings

Energy Savings - Insuladd e-coat can save up to 20% or more on energy costs

Labor Savings - Insuladd e-coat is applied by paint brush, roller and spray gun and does not require any specialist equipment. The time needed to coat the structure is also reduced, as a single coat dries in 2-3 hours for recoating.

Lightweight - Insuladd e-coat provides the thermal properties required but has a mass of only 0.73kg/m². Being much lighter than traditional insulation boards, it is ideally suited to areas that would not be able to withstand any large weight loading, such as lightweight roofs or thin sheet panels.

Superior Flexibility– Insuladd e-coat can flex over a wide temperature range (even bend 90° at -37°C). Its durability and flexibility makes it ideal for surfaces that will bend or move through flexing or expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling. It will elongate, bend and recover with the surface without cracking or flaking, thus ensuring that the surface will remain coated and protected at all times

Ultraviolet Blocker- Insuladd e-coat blocks solar ultraviolet radiation allowing less harmful UV rays to reach the living and working areas of a building.


The diagram above shows the difference that Insuladd e-coat can make Uses of Insuladd Insulating Coatings Insuladd light insulating e-coat is ideal for areas that will be subjected to moisture as it is a waterproof coating and will not only insulate, but also protect against moisture ingress. The elastomeric coating is ideally suited for areas that will flex, such as steel sided buildings or steel roofs, boat hulls. The coatings are effective in both hot and cold climates, reducing the cooling and heating demands, they are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Insuladd Insulating Coatings can be used to quickly and easily insulate buildings and structures that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to insulate with more traditional methods.





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