Insulation Values

Spring, summer, fall, and winter. It is the same cycle every year. And every year homeowners suffer during the summer and winter months by paying outrageous energy bills. With Insuladd Paint Additive, homeowners can increase their home’s energy performance. By mixing the paint additive with light-colored house paint and applying it to the interior and exterior of a home, energy consumption can drop by 20 percent or more.

The reason this is possible is due to the technology within Insuladd’s products. Using these innovative products creates an insulating, thermal barrier, which reflects heat from external forces like the sun, but also keeps home-generated heat inside during the cold months.

Not only do Insuladd products save energy, but they also reduce mildew from condensation creating an even more comfortable and healthy environment for a home.

Sometimes a complete overhaul of a homes energy structure isn’t necessary. Quite often, taking the time to repaint the inside and outside of a home with Insuladd products will eliminate energy problems and high costs. Heaters work extremely hard, especially when much of the warmth within a home is being drawn out through the walls and ceilings. It is much the same case for air conditioning, which begins to dissipate more rapidly due to heat easily being transferred from the outside into a home.

These problems and more can be eliminated by adding Insuladd Paint Additive, Radiant Barrier Coating, Thermal Block Ceramic Paints, or any of Insuladd’s various energy-saving paint products.


Insuladd products have been featured by the Media on TV shows such as HGTV, Fine Living, HSN, Discovery Channel.