RBC Radiant Barrier Coating (5 Gallons)


RBC Radiant Barrier Coating (5 Gallons)

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A simple to use 100% acrylic heat blocking paint that cleans up easily with soap and water.

Insuladd® RBC Radiant Barrier Coating is a moisture and heat blocking paint that reduces the amount of heat entering or escaping your home.

Traditionally, foil and metalized plastic films were the only forms of radiant barriers to keep heat out of your house and they had to be attached to the underside of a roof with staples. Now, Insuladd® RBC provides roof insulation and attic insulation by simply painting with this unique radiant barrier coating paint.

Insuladd® RBC is a 100 percent acrylic heat blocking paint that cleans up easily with soap and water. It provides a superior radiant barrier to the underside of your roof and substantially improves the performance of your attic insulation inside while effectively blocking moisture.

Not only is Insuladd® RBC less costly than traditional foil barriers, it provides a radiant barrier and moisture barrier that keeps wood from rotting.

Standard thermal insulation causes additional problems associated moisture condensation that can get trapped inside your home when the house contains water vapor. If this vapor passes into the insulation and condenses, it significantly reduces the insulating value. Several other problems can occur if moisture becomes trapped in the structure including, mold growth, paint peeling and eventual rotting of the structural wood. Insuladd® RBC heat blocking paint reduces the passage of this potentially damaging water vapor.

Insuladd® RBC is easily applied to walls, attics, ceilings and basements as well as the underside of roof decks. In addition to these areas, painting the underside of your roof in the attic area, Insuladd® RBC can improve the performance of your existing attic insulation by as much as 40% which will substantially reduce the heat gain and loss potential of that area.

In order to maximize the energy efficiency of the exterior or interior walls and ceilings of your home, we suggest applying Insuladd® RBC heat blocking paint as a primer and Insuladd® Insulating Additive mixed into the finish coat of the paint.

Insuladd® RBC provides additional roof insulation simply and easily by using airless spray painting equipment. It can also be applied using a paint brush or roller. It’s an easy way to upgrade the roof insulation and attic insulation to existing buildings as well as new construction.

Insuladd® Radiant Barrier Coating can be top-coated with conventional wall paint and it still keeps its resistance value to the elements. Ultimately, it’s a friendly heat blocking paint for the homeowner or do-it-yourselfer that saves money by lowering heating and cooling bills as well as moisture and condensation problems It’s safe and non-toxic!

Other advantages to Insuladd® Radiant Barrier Coating include excellent and substantial performance improvements for buildings heated by infrared heaters, wood burning stoves or other radiant heat sources.

Insuladd® RBC roof insulation provides a heat blocking paint barrier to interior walls and stops radiated heat from being absorbed by those surfaces and then lost. It reduces water vapor transfer through the walls as moist exterior air tries to migrate through your walls into your homes interior which provides a valuable improvement to older as well as new homes.

Insuladd® Radiant Barrier Coating contains no ammonia, no alcohol and no solvents.

Insuladd® RBC Product Specs:

Coverage: 250 to 300 sq ft per gallon

Color: Light Gray

Description: Aluminum-Ceramic 100% latex Radiant Barrier Coating

Cleans up by simply using soap and water



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