RustBlock Primer – (Five Gallons)

Insuladd Rust Block Acrylic Primer

RustBlock Primer – (Five Gallons)

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Product Description

INSULADD® ThermalBlock Insulating LOW VOC Interior & Exterior Primer

INSULADD® THERMAL BLOCK is a highly efficient radiant barrier coating designed for use as a primer for interior or exterior surfaces. Thermal Block is a low VOC 100 % acrylic latex insulating primer which makes it extremely safe and highly desirable for interior applications. Thermal Block is specifically engineered to improve the effective insulation of interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Once applied it acts as an invisible radiant barrier reflecting unwanted heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

INSULADD® THERMAL BLOCK improves comfort, reduces heating and cooling requirements and dampens ambient noise. Don’t just paint your home when you can insulate as you paint with

Product Description:

INSULADD THERMAL BLOCK Radiant barrier primer and sealer.
INSULADD THERMAL BLOCK low VOC acrylic latex insulating radiant barrier primer/sealer is a specially formulated interior & exterior primer/sealer coating that is virtually odor free. Its special formulation lowers the VOC (volatile Organic Compounds) content, which add to the odor of most paints coatings, as well as contribute to various forms of air pollution. Insuladd THERMAL BLOCK low VOC acrylic latex insulating radiant barrier primer/sealer allows for application to a variety of interior & exterior substrates in Homes, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Government Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Motels, etc., where low VOC emission coatings can benefit the health concerns of these types of environments. Insuladd THERMAL BLOCK low VOC acrylic latex insulating radiant barrier primer/sealer provides a smooth flat finish that has superior coverage, is splatter resistant, is easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water.

Product Features:

Superior insulation enhancement* dampens sound* Reflects Heat* Low VOC* Safe for Children and Pets* Improves comfort* Reduces heating and air-conditioning requirements* Radiant Barrier * Easy one coat application* easy clean-up* Inexpensive to use* Actually pays you back through reduced Heating and A/C expenses.

Insuladd Thermal Block primer utilizes our Patented coated thermally reflective micro-sphere technology developed by our participation and research with the NASA Technology Exchange Program. Insuladd technology is not the simple microsphere offerings that you see on the internet. Insuladd technology is now being used in Insuladd® additives and paints which are simple and highly effective when used for painting your home or business.

Insuladd Thermal Block works in winter by reducing heat loss out of your home and helps with moisture condensation problems. Insuladd Thermal Block works in summer by reducing heat gain into your home and helps with mildew control.

How Thermal Block works

Insuladd Thermal Block radiant barrier primer/sealer contains patented Insuladd ceramic micro-spheres of 30-100 microns in diameter.

Insuladd microspheres act as a highly efficient thermal barrier that reflect radiant against heat, this actual happens even before the Insuladd Thermal Block radiant barrier primer/sealer dries.

This highly efficient radiant barrier greatly improves your wall insulation and ceiling insulation. This is created by the microspheres coming closer together as the coating dries, until they eventually touch each other forming a single, very thin, thermal radiant barrier.

This barrier reflects, refracts and dissipates heat, thereby keeping heat in a structure during the cold winter months and out of the structure during the hot summer months.

The Insuladd® microspheres are extremely strong and lightweight, the ceramic particles add very little weight but substantially increase the strength of the coating.



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